G'day readers, thanks for stopping by to check out our travel and food adventures from across the globe. Given our love for eating out (no stacking the dishwasher! yay) and finding ways onto the pointy end of the plane using reward programs and points/miles, we thought it might be fun to keep a record of our trials and tribulations on the web, and hence DiningDecadence was born.

Neither of us are webcode literate nor particularly good with computers so this might not stack up with the other blogs your internet travels take you on but we hope you find it entertaining and informative.

Being newbies to the world of blogging and web layouts, we'd love to hear what you think of the site and our reviews. We're also taking recommendations to add to our "must-dine" list in Sydney where we currently live.

We'd love to hear your feedback so drop us a line below and we'll respond in just a jiffy! Alternatively we can be contacted at andrew(at)diningdecadence(dot)com or leslie(at)diningdecadence(dot)com

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