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Below is our flight home from Bangkok. Keep reading below to hear about our check in and the lounges in Bangkok’s airport, or click here to skip to the flight review.
After a visit out to the weekend market at Chatuchuk we headed back to the hotel in a taxi (having to negotiate a rate of 200bht + a toll of 50bht). After a brief respite in the a/c we grabbed our bags and organised another taxi to get out to the airport.

Initially we turned down the first one who wanted a flat rate of 400bht, but the taxi we took ended up costing 350bht + 75bht in tolls so we probably could have saved 10 mins and just gone with the first guy! lesson learned.

Always nice rocking up to the premium check in counters
Whilst we were travelling only with hand luggage the agent invited us to take a seat where we were brought a cold bottle of water. Unfortunately somewhere along the lines we had lost our original 1A & 1K and ended up in 3E & 3F however these seats were still great for a couple travelling together.
Following a quick check in we were escorted through security, immigration, and down to the Thai business class lounge. Waiting at the bottom of the escalator was a buggy to whisk us past the business lounge and deposit us at the first class lounge. Now that’s service.
Whilst we had a quick late lunch feed (we somehow missed the food stands at the markets!), we enquired about massages. Unfortunately it wasn’t going to be possible to both get an hour long oil massage so we instead opted for a foot massage, followed by a neck and shoulder massage.
To say I was hesistant about someone touching my feet was an understatement, however the treatment was reasonably relaxing and tempted to focus as much on the full leg as it did on the feet.

At this point I was a little disappointed at not getting the full body massage, and opted to pass on the neck and shoulder massage given we’d already had a massage that morning at Como Shambala at the hotel.

Instead I went for a wander around the terminal. Firstly around the food court and duty free, and then to properly check out the Thai business lounge.

Not a lounge I’d be rushing to get to the airport to visit, but a comfortable enough area to pass the time given the rest of the terminal.
The food selection was much better in the SQ lounge, I’d suggest even on a par with the Thai first class lounge. There was a nice view of the gardens outside the terminal, however the lounge felt crowded due to the number of seats packed together.
After a quick shower to rinse off the humidity from the day, and a final thai iced tea the lounge staff gathered the passengers, and although we were at the far end of the C terminal, we walked with an escort. Unfortunately during the bag screening at the gate we became separated from the rest of the small group and ended up in a bit of a scrum at the gate.
The Route

BKK-SYD, TG475, 720pm departure, arrival 630am

The Loyalty Scheme

Thai Royal Orchid Plus, a member of Star Alliance. (We were travelling on an Avianca lifemiles redemption ticket)


Royal First


8 hours 30 mins


As of May 2015- 2 flights daily, a day flight and an overnight flight.

The Seat

3E, in a 10 seat first class cabin at the nose of the 747. A full cabin today with what appears to be a mix of business and pleasure travellers. Leslie and I manage to pass a couple of drinks speculating each of their histories.

Newer style partially enclosed seats are showing their age.

Somewhat disconcertingly I’m seated next to 2 bottles of what appears to be pure oxygen for any medical emergencies that may occur.


Our hand luggage is overflowing after a very minimal shopping expedition.


Appears to be a newer system – the screen resolution is crisp and the size very large.


The seats are a little firm, however 2 pillows are provided to help find the comfort level.


The staff serving the first class cabin show their experience and are extremely pleasant, if not a little ‘routine’ like in their service. No doubt this is partially due to the full cabin load of today’s flight.


This flight leaves at 720pm and the staff (and passengers no doubt) are keen to get everyone fed, watered, and lights down.

The appetiser of chicken is a tasty moist little morsel, served with more champagne please.

2 hot towels are proffered and we’re less than an hour into flight! ☺

Caviar cart rolls around – it appears there’s at least 5 tins of the little suckers, and with a number of the passengers declining there was plenty leftover

The champagne for some reason tastes different to the flight up – no buttery goodness. What shall we blame it on today? Our taste buds? The conditions where the champagne was kept?

Next up is a starter of prawn and duck terrine
At this point my pre-ordered feast turns up
Whilst Leslie has the a la carte menu of soup followed by stuff meatballs
At this point we are both stuffed and exhausted and pass on the cheese, fruit and dessert, and instead have the bed mades for a solid 5 or so hours sleep
stunning morning to arrive home

We were woken 90 mins out from Sydney with a hot towel. Whilst I can understand those who wish to continue sleeping, with the lights coming on and the noise being made I figure may as well partake in a bit more food.

Leslie and I both requested water and received a small glass but there was a slow uptake in offering more, and we both noted that no bottles were offered during turndown earlier in the flight.

I declined the yoghurt and cereal and had some fruit to try and waken me up/ get ready for a day at work!

it was then time for eggs, 2 ways

The Verdict

A most pleasant flight home after a fun long weekend away in Bangkok. Being able to stretch out with your bits and bobs everywhere, and laying down in a bed in the sky truly is a decadent feeling. With a continuation straight to work from the airport this was greatly appreciated.

Whilst there were no problems with this flight we can’t go past the consistency of service – both in the hard product, and soft skills of the Singapore Airlines staff.

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