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As many of those who have used miles to book flights know, flying direct is not always a viable option. Hence as it was for our journey from Paris to Leslie’s mom’s place outside of Houston.

After what felt like countless hours staring at the computer screen and endless permutations I found the below routing that would get us there.

CDG-FRA, LH1051, business class
FRA-ATL, LH444, business class
ATL-IAH, UA5163, first class

After bidding farewell to our home for the past 7 days we grabbed an Uber out to CDG airport with what we thought was plenty of time to spare.

Unbeknownst to us there were pilot strikes planned for later in the day in Frankfurt, and our original plan was out the window! Luckily for us that meant instead of a layover in Atlanta and then a connecting flight we managed to get on a direct A380 flight from Frankfurt to Houston! #score

CDG-FRA, LH1051, Business Class

A quick connecting flight from Paris up to Frankfurt was most welcome after the troubles at the check-in counter.

Leslie managed to squeeze in some zzz’s in the window seat, whilst I enjoyed a delicious breakfast spread.

Legroom isn’t much to write home about on these intra-europe business class trips. Same as economy but with a blocked off middle seat.
As we parked at a remote stand, we drove past this guy on the way to the terminal
Arrival into Frankfurt was the next sequence of this misadventure.

Whilst the check in team in Paris tagged our bags all the way through to Houston they could not or would not confirm us on the Frankfurt- Houston leg. After getting off the bus we hussled up to the nearest depature board which didn’t even show the flight which caused more chaos!

Thankfully we finally found which gate we were due at and made a scramble to get there, with a minor detour from Leslie through Customs to get us checked in and boarding passes (they wouldn’t let me through without the boarding pass and an ESTA check). An extremely brisk walk, passing by some interesting looking shops saw us onto the plane, where we sat for 30 mins past boarding time… FML! but hooray that we had made it!

FRA-IAH, LH440, Business Class

These last seats were next to the bathrooms and the galley which created a little noise throughout the flight however it was never a hindrance, and hey, let’s be honest, it was still business class! better still, there were plenty of open seats around us which created a nice little atmosphere for our 10 hour journey across the ditch.

Soon we were on our way, with the plane creating these little vapour trails upon take off – i guess they were normal since we arrived in one piece!

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