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Trout with salmon roe tart – overflowing with roe, there were pops of salty goodness throughout the enormous bite

Haikado uni with black truffle disc on brioche (paired with a Junmai sake)

Otoro tuna belly and kelp

Ocean perch over white miso – there was some sort of crunchy seed/ crisp ball on top

Caviar, over custard with smoked trout, fried potatoes and pickled radish

Mushroom custard, foie gras, king crab, truffle and soup

Black cod over shiso

Chargrilled veggies, when mixed looked like a pretty salad
– smoky eggplant, sweet red bell pepper, asparagus, artichoke, celery root, mini zucchini flower, baby spring onion with stalk and black sauce underneath

Rib eye ginger wagyu (A5), small piece sliced over a puree of ginger

Duck breast – morel mushroom stuffed with duck leg and foie gras (like a sausage) – amazing!

Grapefruit sorbet palate cleanser

Tea and maple ice cream

unfortunately one end of the table was sigficantly delayed waiting on 2 of their guests and the chef served them the complete menu from the start about an hour later than the rest of us

frozen vanilla souffle dusted with vanilla powdered sugar, top was like fairy floss. Crunchy balls underneath – the first like a shortbread or sugar cookie, the second possibly peanut butter?

Petit fours
– mini lemon custard tart with tiny individual meringue points
– blueberry financier

dark chocolate small round with hazelnut
small goats milk chocolate (the tall rectangle/ trapezoidal) with caramel
both were served on a platter of chipped chocolate pieces

Smoked black tea for Leslie, and traditional green tea for myself.

The sommelier, Christine, was very friendly and generous with the pours. I noticed she didn’t hold a pin of a master sommelier but was very knowledgeable about her wines.

The dessert wine was the only wine to which we didn’t receive a second glass.

The male server inside the rectangle was friendly and worked the different groups at the benches well, whilst the maitre d working the outside of the rectangle seemed a little gruff. She also had the unfortunate job of telling me no photos or notes!

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