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After the zoo of the Qantas lounge, and the delayed departure it was finally time to get going!

Plenty of room to spread things out on this dayflight up to Hong Kong

As a first timer in Cathay business i didn’t realise the arm rest could come up until a couple of hours into the flight. oops!

Middle of the road amenity kit – although i did appreciate the larger sized toothpaste

I’m not a massive fan of the little footwell (SQ ain’t any better) but it was a decent space for a nap

TV recesses into the back of the seat in front.

Little shot of my neighbours and the cabin

Here’s a better one!

Awesome view out the window

Start with some fruit (and bubbles!)

The duck starter

Mains trolley – vego option

Lamb main

And my choice, the fish

Just a mouthful to try, turned into a couple more of this cherry cheesecake

Efficiency at its finest

Couldn’t turn down the cheese & port

This wasn’t to my palate unfortunately. the freezer burn didn’t help!

Meal before landing

Approach into HKG. Don’t remember coming in this way before

look at all that housing

Plenty of variety coming in to land

This ticket was booked using Qantas FF points – 65,000 + A$84.77.

typical cash fares run in the realm of $4k, so you’re looking at a redemption value of around 6c/point. great value in my book!

Would i fly Cathay next time up to HKG? Only if the Qantas flight wasn’t available, whilst the privacy on Cathay’s layout is a big tick, the footwell space is important for me, and it just wasn’t big enough

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