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We arrived into Paris from our Thai Airways First Class early on Tuesday morning and after grabbing an Uber, made our way to our AirBnB in the garment district part of the 2nd arrondissement. Our hosts had graciously agreed to give us early access so after a quick run around the apartment we headed off on the metro to le tour eiffel!
The metro was perfect even with our high school/ college French and a short 20 minutes later we exited Trocadero station. Our only crepe came from one of the convenient tourist booths and look at who was a happy little lady!
in retrospect it would probably have been better to head over to Trocadero in the afternoon where the sun would be behind us but hey, it was still a great introduction to our first Paris landmark!
A nice wander down through the water features and across the bridge and it was time to keep that jetlag at arm’s length.
Neither of us are particularly fond of heights, and the stairs in retrospect was probably a bad idea. Once we pushed through that fear though, we managed to convince ourselves that we wouldn’t be back for at least a number of years and headed up the elevator to the top floor.
to holidays! and dealing with acrophobia!
pretty darn high
with great views to match. Definitely recommend coming here early in a trip to Paris to get a lay of the land.
took the easy option down, and started work on our selfie skills (outcome: miserable)
and enjoyed some time relaxing on the Champ de Mars
Next on a full first day in Paris was a cheese and wine tasting at The Japanese Knife Company on Rue de Cotte hosted by Paris by Mouth.

We had a great little time going across the road to the markets to see the different cheeses on offer, before bringing them back for a convival afternoon.

Cheeses tasted included:
chevre * 4 – different ages and one ripened on a vine leaf
triple cream brie
brillart saverin
‘french manchego’ * 2
comte – 2 different ages
epoisses (too stinky for me but Leslie enjoyed)
roquefort * 2

this was pretty much all chevre (goat’s cheese)
and this was the stinky cheese side!
our first taste of delicious comte cheese!
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