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Back on board, and back to where we left off

Our departure was fascinating with all the planes lined up

In both directions!

Given the morning departure I was able to take a few shots of the cabin

More (female) amenity kits

Headed down to the bar for a tipple or 3

Scenery was something I don’t get to see everyday

And got some cheesy photos behind the ‘bar’

Which was a fun little novelty, and a nice space away from the seat

The not so glamorous side to the bar with the galley and bathrooms through both doors

On the way to the bar the business class cabin had a fair few empty seats, so i took the opportunity for a few snaps

As well as flicking through the business class menu

Meandering back to my seat, meal service commenced

Despite the presentation this had great flavour

As did Leslie’s pasta

And the obligatory cheese plate

With a glass or 2 of the Sauternes

Views out the window were still terrific!

Somewhere along the way this little number was also consumed

Whilst Leslie had the curry

And a red wine we’ve also seen in Singapore Suites

Finished off with a little dessert sampler

This is the bar area at the front of first class, right by the bathrooms

Whilst a pretty impressive selection, it was highly impractical, as there was nowhere to enjoy the drinks/snacks except back at your seat.

Further, at the business class bar you could request any of the fancy liquor only available in first class to be brought down

Snack pre arrival

I’d never buy the stuff at home given it’s price, but a little extravagance every now and again on a plane? yes please!

And a tasty sambo with a red wine tasting

And again, a dreamy flight came to a conclusion.

This was a great way to use our Qantas points – 192k and A$680 each for two 14 hour first class legs with a free domestic business class leg, and probably only a few more hours than flying in an easterly direction to New York.

For me for now, Singapore Suites is still a cut above Emirates First, with the bigger seat/ suite the differentiator.

As for splitting Qantas and Emirates – too tough to call!

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