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So after our lounge crawling the Qantas and Emirates lounges, we headed onboard for our first experience in Emirates First Class.

A fairly tricked out seat welcomed us!

With plenty of gold colour throughout

You may have also seen photos of the fairly useless minibar by the seat. It did tick the novelty factor though!

These goodies came with us post flight

It didn’t take long for the champagne to start, although they wouldn’t open the Dom Perignon on the ground from memory. I resisted, whilst Leslie happily accepted a glass of Moet.

The traditional arabic date and coffee also did a round.

Soon enough the amenity kits were distributed – this is the male’s

And Leslie’s female equivalent

An uneventful take off into the Melbourne night (a 10pm departure), and we were ready to top up our already full bellies. Bring on the food.

Whilst our meal was being prepared we headed down to the bar at the back of upper deck, shared with business and first class passengers.

However what all those promo photos don’t show you, is that both the bathrooms, and the galley are also down the back, so there is plenty of foot traffic through the bar.

A do enjoy a fancy laid table

Healthy serve of caviar to commence proceedings

Then I had the Biryani which was tasty (and also offered in biz class)

Whilst Leslie moved onto the mezze plate

And of course something to wash it down

The 3rd (or 4th) stomach then magically appeared to devour this cheese plate

Perhaps unsurprisingly after eating for the past 6 hours, sleep came effortlessly, with this nice little touch of a starry night

Upon waking, what better to do than stuff the face some more (I ended up putting on 5kg in 4 weeks). First with some caviar…

And then this steak sandwich, originally from Qantas’ menu

Next it was time for a shower

Sure it’s a bit of a gimmick, but certainly better use of the space than Thai’s A380

And nothing like a bit of water to freshen up

The bar that had been set up here had been converted to a relaxing spa like feel

and a fresh fruit platter with tea left at my seat

Early morning arrival into Dubai

With the meal, a good sleep, a snack, and then a shower the flight felt relatively short even though it was a solid 14 hours!

Dubai airport is enormous, and upon landing we ended up parked at a remote stand.

Although we were quickly herded towards the bus being at ground level so close to the plane was mindblowing.

Huge engines!

The bus ride took forever

But not to worry as first class gets its own fancy bus

With some nice loungers as we snaked around the airport

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