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Transfer was a bit of a pain, and finding the entrance to the lounge was a bit of pain, but we got there in the end

Looking back at the entrance

There was an interesting water feature/ pond towards the front of the lounge.

Headed past a few buffets

As well as one containing breakfast-y items

We instead took a seat in the dining room. Whilst the full menu was presented, only the breakfast items were available. Luckily, after a request was made I managed to wrangle a burger.

Leslie managed to get a massage booking so disappeared off before my burger arrived, and came back with the good news that there was also a free spot for me!

Whilst not as good as the massages available in the Qantas lounges in Australia it was a nice stretcher from our flight

We also took another shower – this time on the ground!

We then headed off around the corner to board the gate and head down towards an equally long flight to New York

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