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We took our leave from the Qantas lounge and headed off to the Emirates Lounge to have a sticky beak.

The leaking entrance wasn’t the best of starts, and the lounge receptionists were like chalk and cheese – one befitting of the ‘dragon’ tag many attendants cop these days, whilst the other was one of the friendliest airport staff i’ve ever met!

We headed off to the right, which had this style of seating, along with some gate views, although it was a little difficult to see given the blaring lights inside

And found this lovely horse statue, which we were to find out was a commonality across all Emirates lounges.

This ‘alleyway’ lead to the main room of the lounge, encompassing the buffet, some dining tables, and lounges, with the water feature the central focal point.

The food offerings were of a good quality for an airport lounge

And replenished frequently

Especially when one of the passengers decided he wanted half a block of cheese!

The hot buffet was similarly copious

With salmon and eye fillet steak as part of the offerings

The alcohol selection was also good for a business class lounge

With all needs catered for in the liquor department

The other side of the lounge was slightly larger, but with no windows

Instead a large TV had a movie playing

It was on this side that the amenities were also located, including a decent sized shower for those wanting to freshen up before the long flight

Soon enough, it was time for boarding, and we headed down down deeper down – first from the lounge, and then into the depths of the terminal before entering ‘the bling zone’

Summing up

The Emirates lounge is a quality business class lounge. Given the offering on board I was a little surprised there were not separate business and first class sections, but with the low frequency of flights I guess it isn’t unexpected to have one combined lounge.

Should you be lucky enough to be travelling Emirates First Class, or hold Qantas Platinum status, I would definitely recommend the Qantas lounge in Melbourne prior to an Emirates flight.

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