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Being in the neighbourhood after a great final day in Paris we headed to Frenchie to see how long we could extend our good luck. And it terms out Paris was looking after us with the same maitre’d from previous visit finding us a table 20 minutes later, allowing us a quick wardrobe change and back to the restaurant for another night of great eating. Again we had the carte blanche with Leslie having the wine pairing whilst I opted to have a couple of drinks throughout the evening.
Up first again was the foie gras. I’m not sure why but I enjoyed this the second time around more so than our initial visit, whilst the negative space on the plate reminded me of our visit to Guillaume weeks earlier.
Frenchie gave the impression of a tightly run suburban restaurant and bar, with most of the staff remaining consistent across both visits. Whilst I noticed the menu had changed slightly from our initial visit on Thursday our waitress was on the ball, checking what we had previously ordered and said she’d do her best to ensure we didn’t get the same dishes. She was on the mark too, with only the foie gras being served on both occasions.
Next up was a cauliflower dish, served with vadouvan (a spice blend), red quinoa, mustard seeds, lime mayonnaise, and a red sorrel leaf.
isn’t the squid and boudin noir such a visual feast? The peach and tomato gazpacho was served tableside, and a spoon would’ve helped with enjoying it to its fullest extent however this was again a great dish. Cucumber flowers, coriander flowers, and a raspberry dust added to the flavours.
It’s a tough pick for the dish of the night, but this next one is up there. Chicken breast was served with baby carrots, a very sweet carrot pureee, chicken jus with mustard sweets, and baby peaches which tasted just like young cherries. tres bon!
Unfortunately again by the time dessert rolled around we dug straight in and I forgot to take a photo of the upside down plum cake
And because we hadn’t eaten enough during our carte blanche (or in anticipation of our picnic in front of the eiffel tower light show ) I insisted on returning to the bar for the ravioli dish.
and of course, one isn’t enough, so after devouring one serving, I ordered another, which unfortunately took about 30 minutes to arrive but again was just so perfect. As may have noticed this was a slightly different dish without the prawns.

We ate these standing at the bar as even on a Monday night the bar was rammed.

Verdict: I was a little concerned heading back to the restaurant would ruin the memory our first visit had created. However, this second visit, whilst a little less polished, reinforced how good the food the kitchen was creating – on both sides of the street!
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