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We had heard great things about a number of restaurants in Paris, and managed to have an amazing experience at a little place called Frenchie, around the corner from our AirBnB in the 2nd arrondissement.

Apparently it is quite regular for these Parisian restaurants to be very small (Frenchie seemed to have around 25 seats), and are immensely popular hence making reservations a lesson in perseverance. As an acknowledgement of their popularity, the chefs also open a more approachable wine bar/ cafe that can turn tables a little faster and allow more diners to experience their food.

It is with these intentions that we lined up outside Frenchie Bar & Wine at around 645 awaiting their open at 7pm. We were seated amongst the first wave of diners and enjoyed three dishes of the bar menu, including a dish I would include in my top 3 since I began enjoying dining out! yep, read on to check out mind blowing simplicity.

Behold the perfect french dish! Langoustine (prawn), served with paris mash filled ravioli, and served in a lobster bisque. This dish was so good that we came back on our last night and ate a slightly different version of it… twice!
Following the scrumptiousness of the ravioli, we had ‘cauliflower’ mushroom, and tete de coche (pig head). The mushroom had an interesting texture that I hadn’t tried before, whilst the tete de coche was as rich as expected. I have no idea what the accompaniment was, but it was quite thick and rich in taste whilst I thought the terrine could have used something to offset the richness of the meat.
This was however, just the opening teaser to a great meal across the street at Frenchie restaurant itself. When we were seated at the wine bar Leslie graciously headed across to the Maitre d to see if there had been any cancellations at the restaurant later in the night. and it turns out we were in luck! and… we were to be seated table side at the pass on two high chairs. win!
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