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After eating what would have normally sufficed for a satisfying dinner at Frenchie Wine Bar , we were shown to our high chairs at the pass.

We opted for the carte blanche, a 5 course tasting menu at the discretion of the chef, with matching wines. Given our amazing dish of langoustine at the wine bar, I managed to have a minor faux pas by requesting to have a crab and langoustine dish from the a la carte menu added in, against the recommendation of chef/owner Greg Marchand. oops!

Being seated at the pass we watched the preparation of some of the cold dishes, and the finalisation of most of the menu as it approved by Monsieur Marchand at the pass.
First up was the foie gras terrine with chanterelle mushrooms, fig reduction, and nasturtium flowers and leaves. Great presentation i’m sure you’ll agree.
Next up was langoustine topped with lardo, with a chicken jus broth. Again, fantastic texture to the prawns with some crispy outsides, and a just cooked middle.

Seafood treated simply and cooked perfectly is my ideal meal out

Unsurprising the chef was right, and we didn’t need the additional course that I was keen on. The crab and langoustine open pasta was a little plain given the two previous knock out dishes incorporating langoustines we had enjoyed. Similarly to Rubuchon the crab lacked the saltiness of the sea, and was the texture of say a mud crab we enjoy in Australia.
John Dory with summer beans and heirloom cherry tomatoes. The most interesting component of this dish was the dehydrated kalamata olives providing the saltiness
You can’t eat a french restaurant without duck! Here it was served with grilled cabbage, blackberries and redcurrants. Berries and duck just works, eh!
We really couldn’t believe our luck with not just scoring a table at the restaurant, but the table at the pass to boot. Besides some banter with the apprentice chefs who were responsible for most of the plating, and banter between chef and his staff, and chatting to the waitstaff and hostesses, we were able to try many little things here and there. Including summer truffles (not as strong as the black truffle), and jamon warmed under the heat lamp to melt the fat slightly.

That’s head chef Gregory Marchand in the background to the right

It was at this point we added an optional cheese course which interestingly sourced raw milk cheeses from the UK. The cheeses were a little too strong for my liking, whilst the accompanying cherries and mango chutney were great, as was the seeded cracker.
and the wines kicked in, thinking we were suddenly fantastic photographers, not newbies with a point & shoot
We were a little hasty in our desire to woof down the dessert we had seen going out all night and so didn’t get the greatest of photos. The first dessert was poached blood peaches served with a raspberry foam and vanilla ice cream.
The second dessert was blackberries, toasted brioche, lime custard, and blackberry sorbet. Both were fantastic.
We were really enjoyed our share plates in the wine bar, and could’ve happily pushed through more of the menu there. However we were truly lucky to be able to score seats in the restaurant and enjoyed a great meal with all the right elements – excellent food, good matchings, and great interactions with all the staff.

Whilst Frenchie had popped up on many food blogs as a must try, I had originally ruled out visiting as we wouldn’t be able to make a booking. Important lesson learned – it costs nothing to be friendly and simply ask!

We in fact enjoyed our experience there so much we headed back on our last night in Paris .

If there’s one eating recommendation I would give for Paris, it is to go check out this restaurant. Arrive prior to the bar opening at 7, and see if you get lucky with a walk in across the road at the restaurant.

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