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gaggan, was named San Pelligrino’s top restaurant in Asia for 2015 in March of this year. Leslie & I were super excited to be visiting!

Our table for the evening was upstairs by a window, which is located in a cute little house down an alley.

As noticed the previous night at nahm, wine in Bangkok is comparatively very expensive. Leslie began with a glass of bubbles whilst I had a belgian beer, before we both partook in a beer created in part by Gaggan’s former boss Ferran Adria, called Inedit

Burnt mango panna

whilst we settled in, this refreshing dish arrived, complete with cucumber ‘caviar’ pearls. Unfortunately being in the wooden box we couldn’t enjoy the portion that melted!

gaggan offer 3 tasting menus of differing sizes. Interestingly, they also comprise dishes which are not on the other menus. Luckily, the waiter read our minds, and offered that it was possible to have a different menu each, hence we decided on the India Revisited, and the Best of Gaggan.
Yogurt Explosion

– visually and texturally like an egg. Leslie sensed a strong cumin flavour.

Edible plastic Spiced nuts

– a clever little dish of edible rice paper containing a mouthful of nuts.

Chocolate Pani puri

the silver foil was a fun presentation, but iI can’t say I understand the use of metallic foil in foods!

The chocolate sphere contained a tasty spice liquid.

Potato 2-some-crispy and liquid

– the gel on front was very clever. This is meant as a compliment – it regarded me of a McDonald’s cruncy french fry with an indian ketchup/chutney. yummo!

Bengali mustard and noori pakoda
– this was a good trick of the mind – looking like a pat of butter but tasting very differently. It was dry rather than wet, and reminded me of a wasabi pea.
Papadam and tomato chutney
Keema pao
– a yummy little lamb burger – definitely could have had a couple more of these!

The tomato was slightly overpowering, and I can’t say i’m on board with this brioche burger thing.

Say cheese (best of)
hot souffle of 4 cheese (blue, cheddar, goats & mascarpone) and crispy rice cereals, green chilly oil and tomato gel.

apologies but this one got devoured before I remembered to talk a photo. Leslie loved the dish – reminding her of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich!

Sandwich (best of)
foiegras mousse, onion water baguette, onion chutney and hazelnut candy
Down to Earth (best of)
summer vegetables – asparagus, morels, mushrooms, artichokes with 62C egg yolk and truffle chili air

– one of my favourite dishes of the night, the richness of the truffle with the egg yolk was a perfect combo

Explosion (india reinvented)
Golgappa: herb injection, served with a cracker and cumin potato and yogurt

– this dish reminded Leslie of breakfast at the Oberoi in Mumbai trying the different Indian specialities

Treasure Shells
Norwegian diver scallops, coriander herb oil gel, young coconut curry
Be surprised!! We wont tell you what it is

Spoiler alert – click here

– probably more a gimmick than an amazing tasting dish

Portuguese Connection
Joselito Iberian pork belly stir-fried with vinadaloo curry and sweet potato
River King (india reinvented)
Fresh water prawns grilled in tandoor with a curry leaf infusion and mango chutney
Angry Bird (india reinvented)
Slow cooked Country Thai native chicken in a spiced Chettinad style curry served with rice idiyappam (rice noodles South Indian style) or steamed rice
Fusion called Confusion (best of)
White asparagus, Yuzu chutney, chilli mizo curry, false green peas, Sesame miso chips
Best Memory (best of)
Free-range lamb chops sous-vide, grilled and finished with almond saffron oil
Land of Lungi (best of)
Coldwater Atlantic lobster cooked in chameen style malabari coconut curry served with rice idiyappam (rice noodles South Indian style) or steamed rice

– the presentation of this dish reminded me very much of our meal at Robouchon

Made in Japan
Matcha tea-cake, mascarpone cream, vanilla salt, and fresh wasabi
Masala Chai
In a iced sorbet distillate with saffron and cardamom
Poor Man’s Porridge
Firni-Jasmine rice ice-cream, pistachio crisps, Rose room-freshener
Inspired from the famous ice cream we create our fantasy with chocolate

-pop rocks on the outside of the magnum added a textural element to a fancy ice cream

Petit Fours

And a final piece of theatre for the evening. Rosewater flavoured dry ice with the petit fours.

This was a fantastic meal, with tablecloths!

The tables were a little close together and the seats could’ve been a little more comfy (given we were there for 4+ hours), however the food was imaginative, innovative, and something we wouldn’t be able to replicate at home – in my mind, one of the top reasons to visit a fine dining establishment.

Whilst i would feel hesitant recommending nahm, I would recommend gaggan for a fancy meal in Bangkok readily!

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