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Two of my closest friends had headed up to HK in 2013 and attended the rugby 7's tournament this year along with another of our friends who lives up there and his extended circle of friends. Having had a raucously rousing time, they had booked for 2014 and hence the chat began about who else would attend.

after much persuasion and some researching i joined in. I would head up to HK on QF127 in F thanks to an AAward costing 45,000 miles + $82 taxes. Given I had bought these points during a 50% bonus a year ago this flight would cost me around $900 in actual outlay.

Coming home i would route HKG-SIN-SYD (SQ1, then SQ221) in order to experience The Private Room & Suites Class on SQ's A380 for 63,750 miles (incidentally the same cost as SIN-SYD) and HKD$1,846, so again around $900 in real costs. Unfortunately this also meant a hefty 8 hour layover. This would eventually turn into a 10 hour layover with a nasty hangover to boot! (more on that later).

G's twin brothers and one of their mates were also heading up on QF127. One of the twins and I had a nice champagne breakfast in the F lounge (my second visit after receiving a complimentary pass last year from an AFF forum member).

The extensive food menu is a very appealing aspect of the lounge. with the early morning departure unfortunately only the breakfast options were available

There are many good photos and reviews of the SYD QF F lounge. Here's a few of the happy snaps i took during our visit.

We then scooted over to the J lounge where the other 2 of our party had already cracked the first of the holiday beers and were comfortably settled in.

Soon enough it was time to board. Unfortunately during my planning for the trip, the only F AAward seat open was on the 747 (at the time the schedule had both the 747 and A380 on this route) and hence after some web browsing i knew it would be a dated product. As you can see in the below this was indeed the case.

The food, while good, didn't blow my socks off.

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