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Unfortunately the full day of travel curtailed any ideas of heading out for a drink so after a restful sleep we headed off for a wander around HKG. I had (somewhat foolishly) assumed that it would be warm and was caught out a little by the coolness of the day but we soon built up a sweat heading down to the harbour from the mid-levels before stopping for yum cha at the Maxim’s in the basement of the Macau Ferry Terminal.

We continued around meander around to the Ferry and heading over to TST to meet one of Steve’s mates. A walk through a mall popped us out at a Crystal Jade restaurant so it was time for a second lunch of xiao long bao and our first of many refreshments that afternoon, this time cans of Tsingtao.

A stroll around and some catching up and soon it was time to jump in a cab back down to the airport express train at central. I really like how convenient this process is and 30 minutes later I stepped off the train with only my carry on bag.

I believe the HKG lounge was the second Krisflyer lounge to be refurbished following the Sydney Krisflyer lounge

It was much better than my previous visit however due to the lounge’s location there is no natural light which made me feel slightly claustrophobic

notice any familiarities?
I decided to hold back on the drinks until the flight but did have a couple of small bottles of Evian (different water on the business side) and a bowl of wonton noodles off the made to cook order, as the buffet selection was uninspiring.
had a quick shower, organised via a buzzer system.
And a quick wander through the other section of the lounge which was again a bit drab. I think actually exploring the terminal itself might be more interesting than the lounge.
A nice contrast of airlines lined up to compliment the setting sun.
and then it was showtime… a non- refurb’d plane for the flight back down to Singapore. A full load of 8/8 in first class.
the mini business class cabin directly back looked comfortable.
A tasty warm scallop and mushroom ragout in puff pastry to begin
followed by another pumpkin soup… bleh
and then onto my book the cook order of lobster wonton noodles. The 3 wontons themselves were delicious but I do regret not just ordering off the a la carte menu of:-

baked barramundi fillet with tomato olive-caper sauce, satueed vegetabel and parsley potatoes
Sa Keong Kai- steamed chicken with sand ginger sauce, stirfried vegetabes and steamed rice
Grilled fillet mignon and lobster medallion with balsamic jus, sauteed carrots and pea mash (what I would have ordered).

Further to this there was also the chef’s choice, this time by Zhu Jun.

And another strawberry panacotta! seems to be the staple of SQ dessert menus apparently.
A practical, if not spectacular flight had passed and it was off to the Scarlet Hotel for a few nights.
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