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I arrived on the Thursday night catching up with the locals and the boys that had arrived a couple of days prior. What was to follow was some of the heaviest drinking i have experienced in my short life, with plenty of laughs and many bouts of blackout.

By the Tuesday morning i was more than ready to come home, and whilst at the time i said i would never return to the 7s, Leslie and I have discussed her potentially joining me if we decide to go another year.

We thought we might be able to find a few cheap tables around the various casinos in Macau however were left disappointed with the minimum hand being $30... much different to other casinos to which i've visited around the world.

We took the cheapest ferry across to Macau from HK however paid for one class higher on the way back and would thoroughly recommend this for anyone heading over. Not only was the load on the ferry back 1/2 as full, we also enjoyed free beers for the entire journey!

I preface this comment with the note I haven't yet visited Vegas however the extravagance of Macau was overwhelming. I had visited back in 2006 for a study program however had not seen the opulence (and frankly downright over the top-ness) that it has now morphed into. Whilst the faux renaissance ceiling painting and marble everything was impressive it was the apparent bustling of the gaming floor that surprised us the most.

No doubt the rising affluence of the Chinese population is playing right into the hands of these Casino operators and bigger does mean better.

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