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The resort was offering a ‘special’ menu with a distributor of Bibi Graetz on island. At slightly more than the standard menu, but with drinks included, we figured this was a good opportunity to try out the restaurant.

Frankly, we left severely underwhelmed. The food was worse than we later had at both Vilu and Mandhoo, and we didn’t particularly appreciate the wines being offered.

Nonetheless, read on to see whether dining underwater is truly out of the blue!

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Well we ticked the box off, but ~USD$900 later, we won’t be rushing back

what lurks beneath?

The little sitting room at the top of the stairs – don’t sit on them – instead make sure you’re standing at the top of the stairs to get premo pick of the tables once you’re invited downstairs.

Our menu for the evening

Leslie and the stingray

Sea level!

Feeding time

oh hey little guy

Checking out the reef sharks and artificial reef planted next to the restaurant

4 types of salt:
Sri Lankan
Herbs and rosemary
& plain


amuse bouche

Risotto entree – this was the best dish of the night by a country mile

We took a halftime break with the ‘cleanse’ course served back up on deck

Massive pieces of beef

Cheeses and frozen grapes

Final say

Clearly the resort has dinner at Ithaa following a healthy set routine.

Have everyone up top to welcome and get excited
Cruise downstairs and marvel at all the fish whilst they are being fed
Sit down and revel in the glow of this aquarium like experience
Dish out mediocre food (sorry couldn’t resist)
Stick a few spotlights onto the artificial reefs

So yeah, we didn’t have a great experience, yet for some reason, in the back of my mind i’d be willing to give it a second shot. The standard menus actually looked quite appetising, and whilst they allow kids at lunchtime (they don’t at dinner), I suspect there may be more aquatic activity during the day.

If you’re wanting to get down there and enjoy the experience, the cocktail session mid morning is the cheapest way to do it. And frankly, more than once we saw just 1 couple going down for the experience which would be much more memorable than the full restaurant we experienced.

This is probably the one experience on the resort where your miles may vary (YMMV!)

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