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Our second day in Paris had a visit to Louvre followed by a 4 hour bike tour with blue bikes to tick off the major sightseeing points.
A bit of pre-reading had suggested the pont de lions entrance would be shorter than the main entrances – turns out it also means you walk past the Pont des Artes, or one of the more well known love lock bridges in Paris.
as we were coming from our AirBnB in the 2nd district we walked pretty much the length of the Louvre to get to the entrance.
to find these guys
but it was completely worth getting there just after opening… 2 people in the ticket queue in front of us, and then this!
straight to see the mona lisa
and this on the opposite wall – check out the real human in the bottom left for size comparison!
We wandered around for a while, checking out plenty of cool stuff…
played around with the panoramic feature of my nexus5 phone
with some interesting results… the roof was very cool though!
before taking a break at the museum cafe with a great view from the balcony
and what turned out to be the only mille-feuille of the trip – ridiculously rich vanilla cream/custard.
by this time the queue had become rather long. (entrance to the right of the pyramid, line extends behind and to the left)
Add with that it was time for us to head over to our afternoon bike tour. Getting the tip about the side entrance was a great little insight, and a half day was just about the perfect amount of time for us.
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