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In 1999 we opened a small suburban restaurant on a busy strip of Crown Street, Surry Hills. The space was cheap, the people colourful & the traffic noisy. With an equal dose of passion & naivety, Marque defied the odds (& business stats) to go from a cheeky neighbourhood place to a restaurant with a unique voice in the world of dining. Marque’s proudest legacy will be the legion of young talent that has been part of our evolution & story, who have gone on to find their own voice & success.

Thanks to instagram, head chef Mark Best indicated that a table for 2 had cancelled last minute which I quickly snapped up. Whilst I knew it would be a late night with an 8pm sitting, Leslie and I had not yet ticked Marque off our list of ‘must-try’ restaurants in Sydney, and what better time to do it than when he was showcasing dishes from the restaurant’s history!

After a pre-dinner drink some snacks were brought out.

Tomato & Parmesan Marshmallow
Beetroot Macaron
Potato Maxim, Olive truffle & Foie Gras

Coffin Bay Oyster with Grilled Sea Foam

Oysters and I still disagree, whilst Leslie found the foam detracted from the natural flavours of the oyster.

Chaud-Froid Free Range Egg & Grissini

Absolutely delicious, very rich

Fraser Island Spanner Crab with Almond Jelly, Almond Gazpacho & Avruga
1999 Mount Pleasant ‘Lovedale’ Semillon – Hunter Valley, NSW

Unfortunately I found the almond flavours of this dish overpowered the delicacy of the crab. The monochrome colours of the dish, whilst intentional, also had my senses somewhat dulled.

Eel with Parmesan Gnocchi & Pumpkin

An unexpected treasure, we both enjoyed this dish immensely.

Marron with Vadouvan & Lemon Curd
2012 Quealy Friulano ‘Amphorae’ – Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Perfectly spiced, and with the delicate claw meat also extracted, this was probably my favourite dish of the night. The lemon curd was very strong, and I preferred to enjoy the sweet Marron without the curd.

Calamari Risotto

This was a great textural dish, with the prawn ‘sheet’ covering ‘risotto’ of finely sliced calamari. The curry leaves also took the dish to another level.

Darling Downs Wagyu with Sauerkraut & Gherkin
Autumn Leaves
1999 Cullen Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot -Margaret River, WA
Bar Cod with Fish Milk & Scales
2013 Domenica Chardonnay – Beechworth, Victoria
Rabbit with Cashew & Wakame
Kipfler Potato, Sea Urchin & Bone Marrow
1999 Torbreck ‘The Steading’ Grenache et al – Barossa Valley, SA
Holy Goat ‘La Luna’ with Pineapple & Onion
2012 Sinapius Riesling – Pipers Brook, TAS
Honeycomb & Cultured Cream
2012 Laughing Jack ‘Cane Cut’ Semillon – Barossa Valley, SA
Caramelised Tomato Stuffed with Twelve Flavours & Star Anise Ice Cream
Seppeltsfield ‘DP57’ Grand Tokay – Rutherglen, VIC
Parsnip Cornetto
Sauternes Custard
Campari Bonbon
Salted Caramel Chocolate
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