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As one of Leslie's birthday presents I bought us 2 tickets to "Hang with Hong" at Mr Wong. This was one of the many events of March into Merivale.

Due to the size of the kitchen/ galley the event was limited to 12 (a late starter made us a baker's dozen) and whilst we didn't participate in any of the cooking this was a great event. Dan and his head chef at Mr Wong, Brendan took us through a number of dishes that are showcased at Mr Wong (and are due to be released shortly in Dan's book!)

This experience wasn't cheap at $200/head and after the cooking demonstration we were slightly disconcerted that only lunch was to follow. Our concerns were quickly dispelled as we sat to an absolute feast of not only the dishes we had watched, but many additional courses too. Oh, and did I mention the accompanying wines too?

We have previously attended Merivale special events and like the previous experiences, we weren't let down. Dan, Brendan, and the restaurant manager were all very friendly and hospitable, answering our many questions and showing plenty of patience as the phone cameras took plenty of happy snaps. By the end of lunch we had run an hour over time!

I would thoroughly recommend attending a special event such as this in the future!

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