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So you don’t mind the odd massage or two eh? have a look below at our hours spent at the Overwater Spa at the Conrad Maldives.

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Serenity awaits down this path!

Nice little flower display in the reception area of the spa

Our treatment. We booked a morning session to receive a 20% discount and also received a $25 giftcard at some point during our stay. Needless to say – it was still bloody expensive, but we’d do it all over again

Inside the change room/ bathroom

Come get your magical weird underpants – ubiquitous in spas!

The roof of the reception was pretty cool architecture

There’s the money shot!

after getting changed we headed out to the overwater room on the right

There were dual beds and still plenty of space in the spa room. I know this is completely not natural, but i felt the overwater nature of the spa might’ve been a bit nicer if they had moved some coral into the area for it to grow ala Ithaa.

Ahhh well, it wasn’t to matter in the end as i ended up dozing off during the 3 hour treatment!

Halfway through the treatment it was time for a jacuzzi

Who doesn’t love a little bit of towel art

Jacuzzi, champagne, fruit – sure why not!

How’s the serenity? (this is a great Australian movie for all of you foreigners!)

After the treatment had finished we were taken to the outdoor pavilion for some tea and biscuits and invited to use the jacuzzi.

Felt a bit weird getting into this hot tub out in the open but hey, when in Rome.

Not sure i’d be wanting to stay in this water villa – this was the one to the immediate left when looking out towards the spa and you could see directly onto their deck.

This is to the right of the spa (when facing the ocean), our room was the closest.

This was a great opportunity to wile away a few hours being pampered.

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