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We headed to Musee D’Orsay around 1030, and headed straight to the cafe contained within one of the clock towers of the museum, and designed internally by Campana. It was very funky. And the quiche lorraine freaking delicious. mmm cream!
Checked out some of the well known Monets and van Goghs
great set up inside an old train station
Right on the Seine, and across the river from the Louvre
grand old room for a par-tay
and some more mucking around with mirrors
Before we knew it we had spent half a day here and it was time to head to lunch. You can read about our somewhat disappointing experience at Atelier de Joël Robuchon or keep reading about the rest of our day below.
we walked home via Notre Dame again, however just missed the opening times for climbing the squire (which we ended up doing the next day. Instead we had a stroll through the cathedral itself.
the age of the buildings is always such a smack in the first compared to youthful Australia. Another grand building on the wander home.
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