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We started our day off heading back to Notre Dame and joined the line to climb the stairs to get another great view of Paris. Luckily Leslie had brought her kindle and I finished off the latest Jack Reacher novel, while Leslie picked up a few souvenirs from the gift shops across the road
We also visited L’as du Fallafel – supposedly one of the best Falafel shops in Paris.
pretty intense line. the shop was at the far right, line stretched left. And this was only for take away. Similar line on the other side for dine in. Took us about 30 minutes to get through the line.
was it tasty? for sure. Was it worth lining up for 30 mins? nope!
We also visited Montmatre and the Sacre Couer today – busy with tourists, and with a distinctly grotto nose, it was an enjoyable couple of hours wandering the alleyways and checking out the souvenir shops.
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