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Had an opportunity to check out the various lounges associated with priority pass at Sydney airport on a recent trip.
Mach2 is landside and hence if you are being farewelled at the airport by non-travellers this may be a good option for you.

This is the airport offshoot of a casual restaurant in the city, which is itself the sister restaurant of a well known Italian restaurant Machiavelli

Unfortunately the corn fritters were pre-prepared pucks of glob and there was a bit too much sauce for my liking. Wouldn’t recommend.
The AMEX lounge is (surprise surprise) only accessible to those holding an AMEX card. I think you need to have a particular type.
Looks quite nice from the outside
However once you turn the corner it is apparent how small the lounge is
There was a decent bar set up
A small buffet (I visited in the morning when breakfast was laid out)
and some good plane viewing
However it was far too small for me, i.e. not even an individual table to sit at, so I kept moving
Last on the list for this trip was the Peroni Bar in the satellite end of the terminal in Sydney (generally where the star alliance and Emirates flights depart from)

Since it was breakfast I didn’t order anything but here’s a menu shot for those interested.

Priority pass have been quite good lately in adding restaurants to their network in cities where they don’t have a dedicated lounge.

check out this page to see the latest restaurants participating.

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2 responses to “Priority Pass Options & AMEX Lounge Sydney”

  1. Wolf says:

    So I’m wondering:
    If you have pp as part of your Amex card, can you use both, the lounge and the restaurant voucher?
    Thanks 🙂

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