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Another trip to the States beckoned for Thanksgiving this year. As we hadn’t fully planned this in advance, there were no direct AUS-USA award redemptions available using our Qantas points, so instead we took a look at going the ‘wrong’ way around through Dubai, and stopping over to visit some friends in New York.

Next thing you know we’d secured SYD-MEL-DXB-JFK, with our first experience of the bling that is Emirates First Class.

Leg room was sufficient for the short hop down to Melbourne

Leslie give a thumbs up for the soup but passed on the dessert knowing a lounge visit in Melbourne was just around the corner

Meanwhile my sambousek packed plenty of punch, (as well as a bit too much oil)

Staring out the windows filled in the time nicely, and I was richly rewarded with landscapes such as this

Soon enough we were on our way through immigration and to the sweet confines of the Qantas First Class Lounge in Melbourne. This was again, our first visit, after a couple of times through Sydney

We politely enquired at the front desk as to any availability for a spa treatment, and, despite not travelling on Qantas or holding status, were lucky enough to score a complimentary treatment for Leslie later this evening.

Plenty of choice at the self-serve fridges for those who were after a drop

Interestingly the self serve snacks however weren’t laid out. Perhaps a reflection of the number of flights departing around that hour.

First port of call was the dining room. Today’s menu

Not as large as Sydney but still plenty of tables

Not that I would be encouraging confidential conversations given the layout

Although a compact space, it felt well laid out

Plenty of choices to whet your whistle at the bar

A standard order when in the lounge, although I do prefer it crispier!

Also tried the duck salad which was nice

Despite us being 2 of 5 people in the dining room, the pace was leisurely, to the point where Leslie actually had to cancel her soup order as the spa appointment crept up on us.

Luckily, i had plenty of time to enjoy the burger!

I retired to a couch by the window, and ordered some dessert whilst waiting for Leslie’s massage to wrap up

Both were yummy!

The seating was very similar to Sydney, albeit in a smaller space

more seating

Nice little library lounge area

The whole lounge was a ghost town for about 45 mins, when the Qantas frequent flyers on the same Emirates flight starting trickling in.

The lady at reception had mentioned that she thought the QF lounge was of a higher quality, and, as you can read about here , she wasn’t wrong, despite her obvious employer bias!

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