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The Qantas first class check-in has its own dedicated area at the airport, where Qantas’ top tier customers can also use the facilities. In fact, the entire row is dedicated to Qantas’ loyalty customers in some form or another.

One of the joys of travelling first class on Qantas out of Sydney is the flagship First Class Lounge. Whilst it is unlikely I will ever reach the top echelon’s of status in the OneWorld airline alliance, anyone holding a first class ticket is entitled access. Even better, like we did on this occasion, you can bring a friend in too, regardless of the cabin they are travelling in.

After passing the intricate garden wall and ascending the escalators, this magnificient view awaits.

We had received a call the day before from the Qantas staff, asking if we’d like to book in a massage – we sure did!

The 20 minutes flew by and soon it was off to the dining room for a meal before the meal!

A glass of the decanter was had, although not appreciated as I found it quite ordinary

Since there were 3 of us, we went ahead and got a number of the entrees.

Lamb ribs
Ocean Trout

I followed it up with the mongolian beef- not something i’d be rushing to book again, whilst Leslie had the fish burger and Rhys had the hamburger.

unfortunately none of the choices were of a standard above that of a suburban cafe – we will have to make better choices prior to our honeymoon next March!

A brief interlude whilst some shopping was undertaken in the terminal and we adjoined to the seats facing the gates and city where a number of desserts were shared.

Here’s the full menu as of November 2015

I also wandered around the lounge and grabbed a couple of happy snaps.

More can be found at my earlier trip to the lounge here –

Despite being about to board a 14+ hour flight to Dallas, our time in the lounge passed seemingly very quickly, and we probably would’ve enjoyed ourselves more if we had about another 30 mins. In the end, we had spent approx. 2 hours in the lounge.

For frequent travellers who get to experience this lounge, i’m sure they would consider even 2 hours too long, but for those for whom this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity – i’d recommend giving yourself 2 hours at a minimum to fully enjoy and relax before the flight.

Click this way to read about our first experience in Qantas’ A380 First Class.

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