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After another great experience in the Qantas Sydney First Class Lounge we boarded…

Someone was a little excited to get to her seat!

The amenity kit and PJs were distributed shortly after we had settled in

The men’s amenity kit – I do appreciate the different and extensive goodies Qantas provides compared to say Singapore Airlines

The female amenity kit

Pano from 4A

Getting stuck into the Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs 2005, along with a mushroom gougere, and Calvisius caviar tartlet with creme fraiche.

SYD-DFW and return are two of the longest routes Qantas flies. And it appears service is suited to match – it was slowwwwwwwwwwwww!

Lunch was finally set hours into the flight

Let’s get down to business!

Just some bread right?

Surprise! Yummy soft cloves of garlic baked into the mini loaf

Zucchini soup with olive and parmesan churros – richer than expected, and delicious

Roast duck with tomatillo and corn salsa, cabbage and tostadas – lucky for me, Leslie deferred and let me have the final serve available of this – good kick of spice – highly recommend!

Lamb biryani with sarlas, cucumber and tomato salad.

Whilst the presentation wasn’t the hodge podge eyesore that usually indicates an awesome biryani, the flavour was great for an inflight meal.

Leslie had the cheeses and the Brokenwood Sticky Wicket Semillon 2008

Whilst I had the warm caramel apple tart and vanilla cream.

Super duper comfy converted bed!

And back in seat mode.

Snack time – champagne, ginger beer, and the signature steak sandwich with tomato and chilli relish

From memory this was somewhere over California.

Oh hey – did I mention we ended up on the ground in LA? Due to some fun storms in DFW the Captain decided to head back to LAX due to insufficient fuel to circle.

I initially wondered why we couldn’t just divert to Houston (IAH) but I guess given the length of the flight crew were close to being timed out and it was easier to re-staff from LAX where Qantas staff are based.

Champagne breakfast and silicon valley = happy days

Thanks to the diversion we missed our onwards flight to Austin. As did about 30 others. So American put us on a coach for the 3 hour ride down to ATX. The time it took to get there was slightly annoying, but after a rest stop for some greasy Whataburger we survived with a story to tell.

There’s no doubt this is the best way to get across the Pacific in the shortest time possible, and I had to book these award tickets almost a year in advance to guarantee our seats up the pointy end.

That said, I still really dislike the 1-1-1 layout of the Qantas First Class Cabin, and the food and service offerings do feel lacking.

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