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To match the fun of our indirect routing from Paris to Houston , we also had some fun getting home from the States to Sydney.

The options were either an economy flight on United direct, or first class to Seoul on United followed by business class on Asiana. Being somewhat suckers for pretending to live the high life we took the second option.

Perhaps fortituously our scheduled 5 hour layover turned into a 29 hour layover as Asiana’s schedule change occurred post ticketing, hence we got to spend a day exploring around Seoul.

I had built up a bank of Hilton points through first matching to gold status, and then stays at the Hilton Cairns and Hilton Singapore and hence used almost the entire balance (60,000 points) on a night at the Hilton Millenium Seoul.

we were knackered after our flight from San Fran and got stuck into the room service. (Un)fortunately, Leslie zonked out so i stuffed myself silly with this!
i figured it would be rude to have a club sandwich as my first meal in Korea, however this bimbimbap was disappointing.
the early view out the room turned from this stunner…
…to this
With our flight departing at 8pm we decided on a leisurely morning tour around town, rather than a rushed 1/2 day visit to the DMZ – at least there’s a reason to return!

first off we headed to one of the palaces to see the changing of the guard.

but we didn’t head inside this palace, as we were off to a tour of another palace nearby.
it was a nice wander around the grounds for an hour, however much of this palace was re-built due to various fires and occupations throughout time.
a nice contrast between the old and the new
before rolling past the “Blue House” and getting whistled along several times
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