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We had previously visited Sepia for Leslie’s birthday in March 2013, and returned again on the second anniversary of her moving out to Sydney for us to live together. During that time Sepia was named restaurant of the year for 2014 in the Good Food Guide.

As it turns out Sepia will hold a special place in our hearts forever.

Amuse bouche

silky smooth paris mash topped with salmon roe – delicious

Sashimi of Yellow Fin tuna, Jamon Iberico cream, baby radish, wasabi pork crackling
Soba, Yasa caviar, quail eg, smoked bone marrow, mentsuyu sauce
Hiramasa kingfish, toasted buckwheat cream, shiso butter, cucumber, sobacha
Western Australian scampi scented with Japanese curry, apple, sheep yoghurt mushroom
Charcoal grilled David Blackmore wagyu karubi, Tasmanian samphire, miso mustard, Japanese pickles
Seared Mandagery Creek venison, sansho pepper, roasted Japanese pumpkin, Saikyo miso, Jerusalem artichoke
Comte, roasted endive, pear jelly, fried walnuts, plum, celery
Pre dessert – fennel ice cream
Milk chocolate, coconut yoghurt, rice milk pudding, goat milk dulce de leche, sheep milk sorbet, milk cake, milk crisp, yuba
Summer chocolate forest
Soft chocolate, hazelnut and almond praline, lavender and honey cream, blackberry sorbet, blueberry and rosewater jellies, green tea, licorice, chocolate twigs, crystallised fennel fronds
and an upclose of the intricacies involved.
We had to order the Japanese stones after missing out on them last time we dined here.

White chocolate and passionfruit
Soft chocolate
summer berries

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