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Breakfast- ordinary. Chai rubbish, pineapple juice slightly warm, Leslie's coffee apparently not great. Selection on "buffet" ordinary. Dosa with accompaniments for me, Peru bhuli(?) for Leslie. Then steamed rice white roundballs to share?

Driver- 2 hours- various sights. Audi A8 plus white suit. Malabar hill, hanging gardens, (but missed out on Jain temple and view of beach/ marine drive from up high). Gandhis museum plus purchase of book. Dhabi gaut washer people.

Khyber dinner- so so, waiter service changed frequently throughout meal. Food very tasty. Podal masala? Pappadam with coriander, onion, herbs/spices. Mint yoghurt dip. Raita, mutton curry, palak paneer, cheese naan for main. Mango lassi, champagne for Leslie, then a red wine and a beer. Total cost just under rs5000? Citibank card frequently asking for pin- not sure but mum may have sent.

Chow patty beach night market- unsure about edibility of food, not hungry anyway, some hawkers like in singapore but not too pushy. Short walk along marine drive, but very sticky. Then taxi back to hotel. What price? 100rs!

Bom Sunday 20/4 (day 3).

Up early for another ordinary breakfast. Sweet lassi for me, chaas for Leslie but didn't have much taste- wonder if they downplayed it for her.

Parantha for Leslie which she enjoyed. Akuri scrambled eggs not so great.

Elephanta caves with very brief look at gateway of India.

Shame but rush as want to see "slum" tour. Taj hotel very regal outside, but also very busy.

Rushed checkout, nice hotel, but lacking a certain something.

Tour- car quite cramped. Drivers don't like to use a/c when just them in the car (or saving money?)

Airport- efficient, standard, lounge crap, few more white people than previously seen.

Jaipur airport

- again quite small, not very busy, but interesting to see direct flight from Abu Dhabi (or was it etihad) Long drive to resort including some clunky roads at the end.

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