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I had been keeping my eye on this flight with keen interest for a couple of reasons. Firstly through my interest in AFF and flyertalk it appeared Singapore Airlines had been refitting their 777-300ER's so it appeared we were going to experience the new fitted out first class. Secondly, it looked it was only going to be the 2 of us in the F cabin that flight. Sure enough, both counts were true = a very happy couple!

The menu offerings were delicious, and Leslie decided to try the Indian option, aka Shahi Thali

I have read some people are disappointed by Singapore's choice besides their champagne offering, simple solution - keep drinking champagne! We had the stewardess open a bottle of each this flight and enjoyed them thoroughly

The flight departed at 8:05pm, arriving into Bombay/Mumbai at 1055pm. We had left Sydney at 640am and this landing time was the equivalent of around 4am Sydney time.

Rather amusingly this meant i fell asleep hand still on the glass of Chablis post meal, a position I had already teased Leslie about after she had done the same on the earlier flight to Singapore. As i'm sure you'll appreciate from browsing this site we do enjoy our food and wine, here's some of the food from this flight

After dinner i retired to a bed that had been set up for me in 2A. Interestingly however, we did not receive sleeper suits or amenity kits on this flight, apparently as it was not an overnight flight. We had however recent PJs on the earlier flight from SYD-SIN.

Immigration was very simple with no lines throughout which lead us downstairs to the pre-paid taxi terminal. Again it was a relatively simple process however I think we experienced a tourist price before even leaving the terminal, paying rs750 for our taxi but with a receipt for only rs650 (a nice little $2 earner for the attendant possibly?)

Whilst we ended up in a tiny little car with our luggage on the roof it was thankfully air conditioned, particularly with the multiple go slow zones caused by the police funnelling traffic to catch naughty scooter motorists. (scooterists?!)

The Oberoi Mumbai was the first hotel I used the assistance of a Virtuoso Travel Agent who i had made contact with through AFF. This turned out to be a stellar decision of the trip. The benefits at the Oberoi were an upgraded room, a lunch (exc. alcohol and taxes) at one of the hotels restaurants, and late check out.

somewhat amusingly we ended up ordering Western room service that night - a soup and BLT - both very acceptable.

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