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After stepping off a wonderful flight from Sydney I had 4 hours to fill in prior to heading up to Hong Kong.

First stop was to the Changi booth to collect my S$40 of vouchers through a promotion the airport seems to have had running for at least a year.

Next a quick stop into the Michael Kors shop to see if I could find Leslie a watch – luckily for me the wallet stayed in the pocket as the model wasn’t sold in that particular store.

And finally, back to old faithful The Private Room

I like easy decisions…
No doubt you have to give the staff 10/10 for consistency with regards to the lobster. I really need to remember that the amount of actual meat is usually quite small though and left me peckish.
I headed back into the first class lounge, and had a chat to the bartender for a while, craving some conversation, and returned shortly after with some goodies from the Haagen Dazs fridge. I have found there is almost always a delicious bread pudding type dessert on the buffet in the First Lounge also.
Had a quick shower and then headed out to the gate, via the Krisflyer lounge, where I noticed that champagne is no longer laid out (the Singapore Krisflyer lounge was the first place I saw Delamotte champagne offered, after first sampling it at a champagne event at Hemmesphere in Sydney)
Today was an updated cabin. Not quite the same as Leslie and my ‘private’ trip to Mumbai last year, but still very nice, with a load of 3/8.
The cabin felt alot more cramped than the flight up from Sydney. The joys of different planes I guess. A lovely cabin though!
Nuts, champagne and eyeshades/slippers were distributed promptly however given it’s such a short flight SQ don’t provide an amenity kit or PJs for this flight
To be honest, by this point, about 11 hours in, I’d had enough of travelling and just wanted to be in HKG having a beer with my mate. Meal service was thankfully started promptly after levelling off.
The western appetiser of Marinated Alaskan king crab with grilled fresh pineapple slices was too sweet for my liking.
The sake marinated abalone from the special menu of Sam Leong was quite good.
The rest of the chinese entree however wasn’t my thing.

Poached chicken with ginger sauce, homemade spinach tofu with century egg dressing

The garlic bread was as good as ever!
The citrus pumpkin soup garnished with whipped cream and orange was lukewarm at best.
I had arranged my meal prior via Book the Cook (BTC), with a chicken-prawn laksa. I don’t think I fully appreciated the meal as i’d probably had a couple of glasses of champagne too many to be honest.

I was happy with the choice, particularly given the other options of:-
Singapore style prawn noodle soup
– a richly flavoured local dish of yellow noodles in prawn and pork stock served with prawns and bean sprouts
Braised beef cheef in red wine sauce with grilled portobello, roasted asparagus, baby carrots, butternut squash and gratin potatoes
Seared salmon trout with basil pesto, roasted bell pepper, zuchini, parsnip and broccolini

A quick kip after dinner and I was finally on the Airport Express into town, about 16 hours after leaving Sydney that morning.
A quick 18 hours in Hong Kong are next, before turning back for the return flight and a week in Singapore
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