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I was originally booked on the 00:45 out of Singapore however was keen to try and get back home earlier as the week in Singapore had taken its toll.

A quick look at expertflyer revealed that there were 3 Suites still open on the A380 flight at 20:40 so I headed out to the airport around 4pm figuring I could get some sleep in The Private Room if they were unable to accommodate me on the earlier flight.

Luckily for me, the check-in agent at the dedicated first class check in made a few calls and I was ticketed for the earlier flight! yeehaa.

There was also a private immigration check which deposits you opposite directly opposite the escalators up to the Krisflyer lounge.

To read about my visits to The Private Room on this trip click on through , otherwise keep on reading to hear about my Suite ride home on a refurbished A380!

Originally I was assigned seat 4F however the CSR mentioned noise from the galley and suggested perhaps I’d like to move up to 1A which had been vacated by a gent moving to 2A.
A few pics of 1A.
I’d have to agree with other reports that 1A was a little noisy with the crew accessing these cabinets quite frequently.
This ritual will never get old for me… the PDB took a while to come (more than 10 minutes after initially being offered) as apparently the staff were concerned the champagne wasn’t chilled enough.
I took the opportunity to take a stroll around the cabin prior to meal service…
Upper deck had 1 spare business class seat but was otherwise completely full. Then it was down the roped off stairs to the lower deck economy section. Interesting to note that similar to the QF A380 there was an economy seat with a spare seat in front.
it looks like my excitement for this trip resulted in a fair few photos so click on through for part 2
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