SIN-SYD, SQ Suites, February 2015, pt 2

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After exploring the plane I settled back into my Suite for supper service.
Garlic, butter, parsley – great combo. delicious. Only complaint is that they slather on one side of the bread!
caviar time… i still prefer the blinis served on Thai. Here the quality seemed a little below par too, with the eggs slightly ‘mushed’.
Yes please!

in comparison to the Dom I found the Krug had less bubbles and perhaps a ‘more delicate’ taste – with such fluffy descriptions perhaps I can write descriptions for wines!

The soup looked this bad at the time also! It had good flavour, and that big floating thing in the middle turned out to be a nice chunk of cheese!
the salads generally had been a letdown on this trip, however this rocket and parmesan salad was the pick of the bunch.

the dressing was also excellent – a ‘Singapore dressing infused in shallot oil with sambal, lime and honey’

“Wok-fried beef in black pepper sauce with garlic, French bean with dried shrimp in XO sauce, fish noodle with bean sprout”

As mentioned earlier, I lost my book the cook selection by moving ahead flights. This dish was recommended by the cabin crew however as you can see it was extremely oily, and I can’t say I loved it. The beef was very tender however it was a letdown overall.

The tiramisu made up for the disappointing main. A drop of Taylor’s port and another glass of the Sauternes sorted me out nicely!
A request for turndown service was promptly carried out, and voila – a bed in the sky!

Due to the (in my opinion) poor offering of a continential breakfast, I requested not to be woken and managed to get a couple of hours sleep, waking up as the captain begun our descent into Sydney.

Another great experience in first class had come to an end and I counted my blessings on finding out about this miles game!

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