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A last minute trip for work to visit our Singapore office saw some frantic award searching on SQ and a realisation that I could travel to HKG for the same number of points and visit a mate. Lock it in Eddie!

Coming back was slightly more difficult so I booked the 00:45 out on Sunday morning with the plan to head straight to a friend’s 30th birthday of suckling pig at the 4 in Hand, Paddington.

A last minute Uber booking saw me checked onto the flight about 90 mins before boarding – very unlike my normal OCD form of being there when check in begins 3 hours prior!
The SQ lounge is on the upper level directly behind the elevator, with the AirNZ lounge to the right (which was closed for renovation on my flight date).

Whilst there’s plenty of seating at this end of the terminal, the food offerings outside of the lounge are pretty disappointing.

The entrance to the Krisflyer lounge. The first class section of the lounge is behind a solid wooden door on the right of the entry desk.
the entry hall is to the left in this photo whilst the room opens up towards the gates.
and panning around some more to the buffet & drink stations, and out towards daylight!
settled myself into one of these chairs with a glass of Moet or two.
and looking back into the lounge from the windows.

The bathrooms and shower are off to the right from here.

The buffet offerings for breakfast were meagre, and the gentleman manager wasn’t interested in offering me any of the other options, despite my desperate desire for a duck pancake (or ten!)
A few shots of the drink offerings and I was off to the gate for what turned out to be a brilliant flight…
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