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We had long stopovers (8 hours plus) in Singapore in both directions on this trip however there's not a lot of photos so I've condensed the two posts.

I was particularly excited about being able to share the experience of the Private Room with Leslie, having experienced it myself for the first time only a few weeks earlier returning from the HK 7s. We had really enjoyed the Silverkris lounge in October 2013 on our IAH-DME-SYD leg and knew this was only going to be an upwards shot!

Unfortunately the service didn't match the past experience with the lounge attendants taking more than 10 minutes to approach for service and without proffering a menu.

More champagne flowed, although there was a noticeable difference in the taste from the flight. (whether that was from the previous 8 hours of drinking, atmospheric pressure, bottle freshness etc who knows)


Here's a selection of the menus and food we tasted whilst in the lounge over both visits.

These items were all from the a la carte menu. The small buffet selection in TPR seemed to get going towards dinner time, however there is always a buffet in the F lounge if you are peckish for something else.

The below are some photos from my earlier (and first) trip to TPR. As I was feeling sorry for myself (aka nursing a hangover) I spent the majority of my layover in here, for hours at a time by myself. Unfortunately there's only so much Dom Perignon you can drink!

For those looking to enjoy TPR for the first time I'd mention the following:

  • soak up the serenity - even with others in the lounge it feels very much like a private club/ a friend's lounge room
  • try the food - none of the dishes are particularly large so give it a whirl (on the whole i would rate the food below that of the QF F lounge)
  • enjoy a champagne whilst enjoying the tarmac view. We had both Dom Perignon and Veuve Cliquot La Grande Dame on the occasions we visited.
  • grab some ben & jerry's (from the F lounge)! Whilst I'm sure you could request the waitstaff to bring you some in a fancy bowl, a look at the buffet offerings in the F lounge have amply provided. As well as the ice cream there was a particularly delicious bread and butter pudding with vanilla anglais.

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