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Booking a hotel a week out was always going to be difficult to find something within the budget. Having locked in the Scarlett for the first 4 nights, I had a look around to see if I could a hotel where I could earn some points and enjoy the privileges of status.

Fortuitously Accor was running a 40% offer, including the recently opened So Sofitel, located directly next door to the Lau Pa Sat hawker food centre, and an easy 10 minute walk to my work’s office near the Raffles Quay MRT.

Whilst I had booked the second level of room “So Comfy”, I also had Platinum Accor status from a freebie I’d found online.

With a complimentary upgrade to the next room category part of the benefits but no rooms available in this next category I received a double upgrade to the “So Studio” room, a room that retails for the ridiculous price of north of $500. Happy days!

Whilst waiting for my luggage to be brought to the room I explored the enormous room…
Including ordering a few more cans of Tiger beer as part of the complimentary section of the minibar.

Whilst these turned up within a few minutes, I had forgotten that many shops in Singapore don’t refrigerate their drinks and hence I had to also order an ice bucket from a different department of the hotel. #servicefail1

After what felt like an eternity, but was probably 20 minutes, my bag had still not arrived and they finally admitted that the baggage tag I had received after dropping off the bag that morning, did not match any of the luggage they currently had. #servicefail2

A quick description of the bag and I was finally sorted!

The welcome ‘note’ received at the check in. Apparently access to the gym and the pool rooftop is a privilege! I didn’t receive the drink voucher mentioned on the sheet but figured I shouldn’t push my luck given the extravagant room upgrade I had received.
Some funky chairs out on the balcony, I lasted about 5 minutes before succumbing to the humidity and retreating to the comfort of the A/C.
A very comfortable night’s sleep ensued after a beer or 2 too many.

Unfortunately the breakfast buffet spread didn’t inspire. With only 134 rooms perhaps the size of the buffet/ dining area reflected the size of the hotel but i was disappointed with the selection, much of which looked like it had been laid out at start of service and left to sit since.

If a western style breakfast isn’t a necessity for you, I’d highly recommend heading across the road to Lau Pa Sat and grabbing some Asian style breakfast – you’d definitely be able to pick up a great feed for < S$5-10.

A quick visit to the pool area on a Friday afternoon. not quite the Marina Bay Sands but i’m sure this would be a relaxing way to unwind for a few hours.

Interestingly the bar staff were very busy getting set up for the night, and ropes had been set up in the reception elevators for people to visit the bar. I’m not sure whether this will die down once the hotel is no longer the new ‘hip’ place to be seen, but there were bar hosts again on the saturday afternoon of check out.

Lau Pa Sat from the rooftop area. NB the Sofitel is on the ‘Satay St’ side.
The motivation for the gym was non existent for the trip. It appeared to be a sufficient enough layout for those wanting to workout.

I’m not sure about this hotel. I received an awesome room (thanks upgrade gods) and the location was fantastic for a business trip, however there is no club lounge (to be fair I did know this prior to booking) the service was pretty poor and the breakfast was ordinary.

If on an Accor sale I’d stay here again, but otherwise I’d probably look to try out some of the other hotels in Singapore.

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