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And so after an exhausting few days it was time to come home. Since i'd booked an award flight I was due to leave at 8am, arriving into Sydney around 8am the next day. The other boys had sensibly booked direct and hence had the luxury of departing later but arriving home around the same time.

A final night at a shisha bar on a rooftop above LKF with bottles of Bollinger meant I clocked around 3 hours sleep before heading off in a taxi to the Airport Express for the first train out to HKG.

oh, and did i mention after a successful trip to the fan zone during the week I was bringing home the bulk of these guys in one of those cheap nylon bags? The irony of doing so whilst travelling in First Class on an award ticket did not escape me.

Unfortunately I don't have too many photos of the HKG lounge or SQ1 as I was too busy feeling sorry for myself.

Photos and comments about my thoughts on The Private Room (TPR) can be found here.

Below are some of the many photos I took upon boarding SQ Suites for the first time. Kid in a candy store / bull in a china shop about summed up my feelings at that point in time.

Apologies for the tinge on these photos - i don't think my smartphone enjoyed the lighting of the cabin.

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