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Despite there being 4 or 5 other people in the Krisflyer Lounge , i was excited to find out it would be only myself and one other passenger on the flight up to Singapore. I was seated in 1A whilst the other lady was in 2F.
This was one of the ‘older’ fitouts, however the cabin felt very spacious, with ample room to walk in front of the first row, as well as behind the middle pair of seats in row 2.
Dom Perignon and warm nuts after takeoff? yes please! A completely unnecessary, but equally delicious bowl of nuts was also proferred and greatly accepted.

I later found out 6 bottles of champagne had been loaded for the flight, with the number of passengers and time of day affecting how much champagne is loaded.

Breakfast was offered shortly after takeoff, with a nice fruit plate to start.
Followed by the chicken pho which was sufficient, however to be truly extravagant I’d probably recommend ordering a breakfast replacement BTC and having the a la carte for the lunch selection.

The other breakfast options included:
Corn fritter with avocado salsa and poached egg (i was steered away from this one despite sounding appetising)
Singapore fried carrot cake
Fresh eggs prepared onboard

I took a wander through the other cabins to stretch the legs during the flight.

SQ business class looks very comfortable.

An amenity kit was distributed along with a sleeper suit (PJs!) earlier in the flight. This seems to be an improvement on the Sothy’s kit Leslie and I had received on our flights in 2014.
All too soon it was time to eat again… some beetroot cured salmon to start. I would’ve preferred caviar 🙂
Followed by my book the cook roast duck with rice, which was superb!
By now I had consumed more than my fair share of champagne, and whilst the duck was fantastic i was still a little peckish. Josephine, the very friendly stewardess suggested I might like to also order something from the a la carte menu.

Great idea! The butter chicken was also very enjoyable.

before some fairly ordinary pannacotta to finish, and the always delicious sauternes
The bed was kindly made up for me after lunch, however being a day flight I actually didn’t end up having a nap. Looked very nice though!
And all too soon the flight was coming to an end, not before a tacky photo of the delicious champagne on offer in SQ first class though! The Dom had unfortunately gone flat from being open too long, hence the switch to Krug.
On approach into Changi, with the many boats waiting to dock at port, and the Marina Bay Sands complex if you squint hard enough
This was easily the best leg of my flights during this trip. Jo, Chiam and cabin supervisor Patrick were extremely friendly, but were not constantly at my side asking if they could assist with anything.

No doubt the 2/8 load in the cabin greatly assisted in this high standard of service.

Next up – a 4 hour layover in the TPR before a flight to HKG in the refurbished 777 first class cabin.

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