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After a short stay in the Private Room and a man crush on Heston, I headed off for the flight home to cap an eventful two weeks away.

The consistency of SQ’s offering at the front of the airplane is undeniable. And on this occasion it was more than welcomed. A glass of Dom Perignon and warmed mixed nuts hit the spot.

I’ve never received satay on this 8pm departure from Singapore, but did enjoy a double helping of caviar

I then asked the flight attendants to push through service at a clip so that I could both enjoy a meal as well as get some shuteye.

There was a double boiled soup of something that burned my tongue

Then my very enjoyable indian meal

followed by a rather disappointing rum baba – nothing like that which Leslie and I had enjoyed at the foot of the Eiffel Tower last year.

I passed on the cheese but took a happy snap as I passed by on the way to the restroom.

The bed on the A380 was a noticeable improvement over both 777 flights, and the added privacy of the suite was also appreciated.

I managed to avoid the mediocre breakfast by having my BTC for breakfast.

And a stunning sunrise on the way into Sydney

There’s no place like home…

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