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After a big meal at Hua Yu Wee my auntie dropped us off at the First Class check in for SQ at Terminal 3. Unfortunately the ticketing delays we experienced at JFK also occurred here and we spent 25 minutes sitting around waiting for things to be rectified.

Soon enough though we were on our way to The Private Room, also reviewed here and here.

A cheeky glass or 2 of champagne, including the 2004 Veuve Cliquot from the F lounge and we were off to board at gate B7 – a 10-15 minute walk from the lounge.

The take off roll was slightly disconcerting as the electronics on the left hand side of the plane turned off mid way through. It took 3 or 4 resets to have the entertainment system back up, and a further 10 minutes to get the lighting functioning!

With this flight departing at 00:45 SQ have decided to offer only a sleeper service

Whilst we had both utilised the ‘Book the Cook’ service, standard meals had also been catered, and with the 2 of us the only occupants in the cabin of 14, we were able to have a meal both at the beginning and end of the flight.

A small consolation for missing out on a full meal service of satay, caviar, soup, salad etc.

First, a croissant? Particularly amusing given the meals we had chosen (keep scrolling)

I had my BTC boston lobster thermidor

Whilst Leslie had the beef from the menu.

Consomme of beef, sous vide tenderloin and petit garden vegetables

Despite our best intentions to stay up and enjoy the last flight of our honeymoon, I was first to crack and head off for a sleep in the beds that had been made in 2C and D.

The flight attendants had very kindly set up this little display.

A few hours kip and it was time to eat again.

This time I had the nasi lemak from the a la carte menu.

By coincidence Leslie had ordered nasi lemak from the BTC menu – can you spot the difference?

The flight had wifi but at these prices i wasn’t a taker

And soon enough that familiar view was out the window and we were home

This was the final leg of our award redemption that started in JFK.

Total cost per person – 116,875 Krisflyer miles & SGD$775. (these tickets were booked in April 2015, and I believe SQ has reduced their taxes on redemption bookings since this date)

So tell me folks – on overnight flights do you prefer a shortened meal service in order to maximise rest, or would you prefer the full spread on request?

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