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After the big buffet at the Fullerton , a few hours in the office was followed by another visit to the Private Room.

Champagne or bust, of course

The chirazushi was rubbish, whilst the lobster was consistent from other occasions.

And soon enough it was time to board for the flight to London

A quick snap of the mini business cabin before it filled up.

There were just 3 of us on this flight and I had the A side of the cabin to myself

Some satay to begin the flight

Caviar just because…

This was my first time back to the UK in more than a decade

I had the book the cook Curry Patta Lobster with spiced spinach and corn, tomato pulao, and served with papadum, pickle and plain yogurt

Dessert was a honey bavarois with poached quince, saffron syrup and tuile – and was terrible!

I do remember the dessert offerings were disappointing – luckily the Singapore Airlines service shone through, and I was offered not one, but both 2 dessert offerings from business class.

A bit of fart-arsing around and then it was time for a nap

Feeling a bit peckish I had the warm sandwich with thai style chicken and tom yum spread – which had a healthy kick to it.

And followed it up with the Ee Fu Noodles, with chicken, black mushroom and oriental chicken stock.

The clouds out the window were awesome

A light dinner was served before landing in London. I started off with the marinated prawns with roasted vegetables couscous and balsamic dressing

Followed by my book the cook meal – which from memory was the Steamed Cod Fish Thai Style
A traditional dish of cod steamed with spicy lime sauce, served with shredded white cabbage, carrot julienne, Chinese sliced celery, fried garlic and steamed rice

And another dessert – this time the raspberry cream cake with vanilla sauce

And a beautiful sunset to welcome me to London

Whilst not a suites flight – this was very enjoyable in the refurbished cabin – and with only 3 passengers very relaxing.

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