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Soon enough it was time to depart and step back to reality. The seaplane landed around 90 mins before departure of our SQ flight and we took a quick bus ride over to the main terminal

Love a good regional airport

The check in counters were on the ground floor

I was actually a little surprised to see how many airlines offered direct flights to Male. Obviously business is brisk during Easter!

Both domestic and international flights from the single runway here at Male

One in arrivals, one in departures – check out the pricing!

We headed into the Leeli Lounge (the other lounge, closer to the gate, was shut when we were there (Easter 2016))

Decent range of drinks available – didn’t try the snacks

I think the crudites had been sitting out a little while 🙂

In retrospect, the lounge food was probably on an equal footing with the inflight catering!

For those with sweet teeth out there

The joy of a bus to gate is getting up close to these amazing pieces of engineering we take for granted every day.

Adios Male Airport

Just a few of the private jets on the tarmac!

Simply stunning

Old school business class on this short flight back to Singapore. Whilst the flight time is a short 4-5 hours, there’s also a 3 hour time difference to Singapore, meaning our lunchtime departure transformed into a night arrival into Changi.

The cabin was a light 10/26 occupancy with mostly holidaying couples like ourselves, with everyone spreading themselves around the cabin.

Panoramic of a very quiet cabin

With such an empty cabin, I enjoyed take off from a window seat savouring our final glances of a fantastic 10 days in tropical paradise.

Oh did i mention we got a cheeky Burger King in the terminal? Just a casual USD$16 for a whopper meal!

Let’s just say this was the pre-appetiser appetiser!

I can never work out when a satay service is offered on SQ, but sure do enjoy it when they turn up!

(This was a lunch service)

The antipasto plate of marinated prawn and grilled vegetable with basil pesto was ordinary.

I wonder whether this flight gets double catered out of Singapore, or whether there is catering loaded at Male.

Cheeky glass of white with the meal

Whilst there’s plenty of ways to skin a cat, i’m happy with any method when garlic bread is prepared!

The stir friend rice vermicelli with prawns, fish fillet and vegetables – just no. Don’t do it.

The wokfried chicken in preserved black bean sauce with chinese greens, carrot and steamed rice didn’t fair much better. The terminal burger king was sitting even better after these miserable dishes!

The pandan ginger creme brulee made up for the lacklustre main courses

There’s ya cheese plate love!

Plenty of legroom in the seated position, but gee i wish they’d do something about the legroom when fully flat.

Nap time!

Kind’ve like vice versa chocolates of yesteryear!

I don’t find the headrests in Singapore Business Class to be particularly comfortable. Seat’s nice and wide though

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