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One of the great things about the Krisflyer redemption chart is that there are a number of Asian cities you can add to an Australia-Singapore redemption for no additional miles cost. I had taken advantage previously to travel to Hong Kong:
February 2015
HK7s 2014

This would see us heading to Bangkok for the first time!

This was a real old plane with small screens, however we received a welcome at the door that was warmer than our earlier flight up from Sydney in First Class!
After a round of drinks the meal tray was brought out. The cherry dessert was a little dry and heavy – a touch of custard, cream or ice cream would have lifted it that extra touch.
Garlic bread was delicious as always
book the cook – US grilled beef fillet

The steak was very tender however didn’t hold much flavour. Interestingly the potato mash was very citrus-y

Meanwhile Leslie had the Nasi biryani from the Book the Cook menu.
There was a lovely sunset coming into land, however for those travelling on this particular flight, do be aware that it gets very hot sitting on the left hand windows.
After a short 2 hour, 25 minute hop we were in Bangkok.

As a benefit of the Citi prestige credit card, two car transfers are offered per year. Given this we availed ourselves of the offer and met the driver after a few laps walking up and down the arrivals hall.

Keep reading on to find out about our 2 hour drive to the city UPDATE LINK

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