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After some frantic packing (Leslie) and usual triple checking of everything (me) we headed off to the airport for our 6:40am flight to Singapore. This was our first flight travelling together in First Class and hence the usual butterflies in the stomach (read: excitement) were at an all time high.
After checking in (uneventful, although no Private Room invitations - some printing on the boarding pass instead) and clearing customs we headed to the Krisflyer lounge. The entrance to the First Class section of the lounge is hidden by a sliding wooden door, controlled by the attendants at the welcome desk.
We were shown around the (somewhat small) lounge and chose to settle in on some nice high back chairs as the tarmac seats were already taken.

The buffet selection was a little weak for breakfast.

However the a la carte menu covered off the Singaporean favourites. I chose the bee hoon noodles which gained the nod of approval from the South African lady who, despite being very pleasant to us during our time in the lounge, was rather curt about the Asian family who ordered laksa.

The first class side of the lounge seemed over the top given there are only 4 SQ flights a day out of Sydney. Perhaps they allow access to other first class passengers flying on the Star Alliance network? The business lounge on the other hand, was chocka block.

After a few celebratory glasses of Veuve Cliquot and the beginning of our consideration of spending money on the flight vs the destination we headed off to boarding. The cabin was full on this flight, with the other passengers deciding to sleep. As mentioned previously this was the first time Leslie and I had experienced first class together, however i was very surprised to see people choosing to sleep on a day flight up to Singapore. (640am departure with an arrival time of 1pm).

One of the downsides of travelling as a couple means you sacrifice the ability to control the shades, aka sit at a window, in order to be able to sit next to each other during the flight. Given it was a day flight I must admit I was disappointed by the darkness!

The service was particularly formal (presentation of champagne on a tray before pouring at the seat) etc, which Leslie found overwhelming, particularly with the constant interruptions. On reflection this was something that I had only just previously gotten used to on my return from Hong Kong. Dom Perignon 2004 and Krug were both offered as a pre-departure beverage, with both of us preferring the Dom with my notes suggesting it was 'buttery'! Surprisingly we also received sleeper suits which I didn't expect on a day flight.

Surprisingly we also received sleeper suits which I didn't expect on a day flight.

Breakfast options.

Lovely fresh fruit platter to begin.

I chose the seafood kway teow which tasted better than it looked.

Leslie meanwhile had the pork meatball dish (thao prom)

she wasn't a massive fan but i enjoyed the taste i had. somewhat similar to congee if i had to make a comparison.

A movie down and it was time for lunch...

After countless hours lost on AFF and Flyertalk trip report pages, i plucked up the courage to ask the stewardess if they had any bears for Leslie.

Leslie's starter (i passed as i'm not a fan of blue cheese)

But made up for it by having the chicken rice as my entree. Whilst it doesn't beat Singapore hawker centres, or Sydney food halls it was more than acceptable.

Followed by the book the cook Indian Lamb Shank curry

Whilst Leslie had the BTC Lobster Thermidor

just in case we hadn't eaten enough we finished with dessert. The flavours were very subtle and the ice cream very frozen. This along with the plethora of food earlier meant i ended up leaving most of this.

We managed to polish off a bottle of the Filhot Sauternes 2009 between us during and after dessert. Somewhat interestingly the bottle on this occassion and further flights looked like it had been put into an ice bucket repeatedly with a large portion of the label missing.

This was a great first trip together in first class with excellent food and wine. It was slightly disappointing that the window shades were lowered so early in the flight and kept down for the whole time but on the whole this was a great introduction to the opulence we would indulge in with Singapore Airlines.

So readers, if you had to make a choice - would you spend your hard earned on the flight, or on the destination?

up next - an empty cabin on the newly refurbished 777-300ER SIN-BOM

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