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After our relaxing massage in the spa, we received an escort from the lounge to our gate – a leisurely stroll that took around 10 minutes.

And, any day you don’t have to sit in economy is going to be a good day right!

Leslie and I were originally slated to be in window seats in front of/ behind each other, luckily with a light load of 7/12 we were able to move to 2E/2F and enjoy each other’s company (read: watch the same movies and share a giggle – Chef was another easy watching American drama i’d recommend) and comment on the food choices…

To be honest, at this point in time we were feeling a little fatigued from the first flight and the longish layover, similar to what we had experienced on our Easter trip to India . I think this was probably a combination of a little too much champagne (we’re suckers for free stuff, particularly when it’s good quality food & wine such as Dom Perignon!)

Two glasses of Dom 2004 champagne as a PDB got us underway, slightly underwhelmed, as we both remembered the champagne to have a more ‘buttery’ smell and lingering taste than this time around. Unfortunately at this point in time the somewhat haphazard service began to show through. I noticed other glasses being collected and assumed they would return for ours, however the flight attendants didn’t return to the cabin prior to take off, which left us scrambling for a holder as we became airborne.

Shortly after takeoff the caviar trolley made its way around the cabin. I think we must have had some Thai royalty on the plane as the lady in 2A received plenty of attention throughout the flight, and was served first, despite passengers in 1A/1E and 3E. Actually, the cabin was a little lopsided with five of us on the left hand side versus just two on the right.

This was only our second time eating caviar, having both been introduced to it on separate SQ Suites experiences earlier in the year and I have to admit i still had no idea how to eat it. On this occasion we received a meagre 2 blinis for this enormous helping, and received only one more when requested. I definitely preferred the softer texture of the pancake to the toast served on SQ, however i was slightly bemused to again not see the caviar served with mother of pearl spoons. I guess this is one item that would definitely go walkabout regularly on a flight, and who knows if the metal cutlery really does affect the taste of the fish eggs.

A prawn and papaya salad, and foie gras quickly followed which Leslie enjoyed, whilst i found unremarkable.
followed by a delicious red duck curry.
for those playing along at home, the garlic bread was even worse than on the SYD-BKK flight , far too crispy and again, not enough of the unhealthy, but delicious, garlic butter! No follow up bread service was offered.
By this time I was stuffed and declined the cheese and dessert courses, finishing off with a light plate of fruit. Leslie partook and had some port served in a thimble!

We managed a couple of hours sleep on the very comfortable bed. The duvet certainly did its job keeping us warm, to the point of needing to kick it off at some point as the cabin was kept quite warm.

I woke up with around 3 hours remaining in the flight and had the dessert I had previously missed, including a yummy thai dessert and a fruit tart, along with some champagne as i couldn’t help myself.
The first class cabin on the Thai Airways A380 is upstairs and with the low dividers the cabin gives an ambience of space and flow, somewhat at the expense of privacy.
As to be expected legroom was more than adequate
special mention must be made to the absolutely ridiculous size of the forward bathroom. my goodness!
All too soon our time was coming to an end… but first we had breakfast. Unfortunately again the service was disappointing – i had specifically requested caviar on both of our egg dishes however they ‘ran out’ for Leslie’s dish after prioritising the other passengers. Perhaps they knew we were award ticket customers?
My eggs were delicious with the salty fish bursts. sorry honey, you lost out on this round!
I unfortunately didn’t get any good photos of the forward lounge area or area where they set up snacks. Either way, both seemed to be last minute thoughts and weren’t used by any of the passengers on our flight.
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