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After disembarking at around 430pm we received an escort from plane door to the lounge via buggy. quite amusing and glad we didn’t have to make the long walk, however the beeping become quite annoying
The lounge is in quite a large space, with semi private rooms to the left, and a large main room to the right. Further towards the business lounge is a very poor selection of snacks, and a dining room which i did not see used during our entire visit. The lounge when we first arrived was very quiet, with around ten passengers and at least the same again in staff numbers.
after settling in with some champagne (moet) and a food order, we decided not to head into Bangkok city as most of the main attractions appeared to close at around 530pm, and we did not think heading into town to go to a bar and then turn around sounded like an appealing option, particularly for two people who are afraid of heights! . so instead we had approximately 6 hours to kill. oh boy, this was going to be another experience like in Singapore
after a couple of rounds of drinks, and catching up on the usual internet time wasters (email, Facebook, instagram etc!) we decided to go for a wander around the terminal building on level 4. The front desk very kindly allowed us to store our backpacks and jackets before we headed off on our stroll. I don’t remember the specifics of the last time I was in Bangkok airport, on my year 10 transit through to a history tour of the war memorials of France, and my impressions on this visit were that the terminal is enormous!

we walked past the usual cavalcade of luxury shops, taking a stop in Tiffany’s, our first visit to a jeweller. Luckily for me nothing piqued Leslie’s interest!

The usual suspects of American chain restaurants were in both food courts we visited, which appeared to be almost identical at either ends of the two concourse intersections. Leslie had recounted on a number of occasions her high school treat of Dairy Queen however it was Cold Stone creamery that won out this time.

We returned from our leisurely stroll close to our 10,000 steps for the day (thanks Fitbit!), which gives some indication of the amount of walking we had done, given we had previously sat on the plane for some 9 hours!

at this point i went and had a greater stickybeak at the rest of the lounge. To the right of entry was the bathrooms, all individually appointed, as well as a slightly weird ‘sitting room’ outside. At this end there are also showers, and, one to keep in mind for the future, slumber rooms. Unfortunately these seemed to be individual leather chaise lounges so i’m not sure how comfortable they may have been

Earlier in our visit we had booked our one hour full body oil massage for 9pm, thinking that we may have scored a couples massage, alas this was not to be the case once we entered the spa. After a quick shower (L’Occitane products in both the shower and the washroom) and a relaxing 60 minute massage ensued, not without some squirming as I received some particularly firm poking and prodding on the shoulders and calves.
We returned to a very busy lounge and silently kicked ourselves for not taking up one of the waitresses offer of reserving one of the semi private rooms. I couldn’t help myself and again ordered some food, in what was to be a rookie error, enjoyed with an ice milk tea. Leslie had a half glass of champagne before wisely taking a nap!

I am the first to admit I become jittering before boarding a plane, and I almost always get clammy hands. When the boarding time of 2320 came and went, i couldn’t help myself and asked a staff member when someone would come to collect unless, despite many indications that there was no need to be concerned! a short time later a lady came to collect us and we headed off, sans cart, to a gate in the C concourse. After our earlier stroll we were more than happy to use the travelators to get us there!

Up next, our excellent ride upstairs on the whale!

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