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As a Hilton Hhonors Gold member Leslie and I had the option of dining at the buffet at Atoll Market on the main island, or Vilu Restaurant on the smaller island. We ended up splitting our time between the two.

Here are some of the breakfasts they offer at Vilu as well as the menu.

What a view eh. Twas a little warm at 10 in the morning!

There is a very condensed buffet on offer. Not pictured is the salad greens and cheese stand

The a la carte menu

Kebab n eggs – yum

The avo was kind’ve weird – perhaps just not ripe enough but seemed to be a recurring theme throughout the stay

Maldivian omelette – could’ve used more fish inside

the curry leaves, red onion and coconut made this a tasty choice

Flavourful, crispy, i just love it

…but didn’t. Garlic aioli highlight of this dish!

Scrambled goodness

Wife had this one morning. Whilst I appreciate the resort serving bacon, it had been pre-cooked and let to sit for what was clearly a lengthy amount of time so was chewy rather than crispy.

Sashimi & sushi

was told the sashimi was most likely jackfish – one of the common reef fish. Miso soup had carrot in it which I found odd.

rangalicious #5 – side of kebabs added

the guac was a bit funky – out of a tube perhaps?

Luxury sensations

not a fan of asparagus so the wife had this one – wasn’t overly impressed

Eggs florentine with a side of kebab (see a recurring theme 😉 )

The curry of the day side dish – both days it was dhal, served with good old 2 minute noodles. Curry was delicious with a decent kick.

Last morning at Vilu I worked out it was best to just make up your own breakfast using all the different choices – this was the result!

I’d recommend ignoring whatever bread they usually serve the dish with (or request for no bread), and slicing your own from the selections on the buffet which were more to our liking.

Final word

Vilu was definitely the less busy breakfast option at Conrad Maldives. Given the smaller size of the restaurant we also developed a better rapport with the staff here rather than at the larger atoll market.

The food choice was adequate, but when we knew we wanted to pig out we instead headed over to Atoll which had the greater variety.

That said, many a lazy morning was spent with the complimentary pink bubbles in a much more relaxing vibe overlooking the water.

Head this way to read about breakfasts at Atoll Market

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